About the blog

Z,E, and T,

This blog is for you. One day it may become a book written to you, but for now it’s a blog. There is a lot of information “out there”. Experts in every subject. Some of it is available for free. Some offer it for a price. Most of it is redundant. People want you to think they have some advice or wisdom that you don’t know yet. They want you to pay in order to learn something new. They’ll promise overnight success. They’ll guarantee financial freedom, or a “better life”, or to make you a better leader if only you learn from them what they’ve discovered.

Here’s the secret: There’s nothing new under the sun. There are principles in life that are as old as our existence. You’ll learn them. You’ll learn them from me and mom. You’ll learn them from friends. You’ll learn them in school. You’ll learn them through experience. With the internet and the vast amounts of information available I think we get stuck in this trap of thinking we don’t know enough or we aren’t qualified enough to be who we think we should be. We’re constantly looking for that tip, that advice, that secret that if we find it we’ll be successful.

You should always be learning. Stay curious. Continue reading everything you can. But be confident in yourselves. Stop and think about how much you already know. Instead of looking for something to make you better, apply what you already know in order to grow and be better one day at a time.

If you know just the things on this blog, you’ll be successful. You’ll be financially independent. You’ll be a great leader. I’ll take what I know and boil it down to the essentials. I’ll try to avoid being redundant. I have more important things to do (like playing baseball with you) than trying to write long posts over-explaining simple concepts in order to make myself appear smarter. And you have more important things than to waste your time reading overly redundant advice. I’ll keep it pithy – short and to the point.

With all my love,